Why Corporate Video is Important for Businesses.

corporate video presentation

The most important perks to corporate videos

Even without going into all of the reasons possible, these important perks are reason enough to understand just what corporate video is going to do for you!

It shows that you’re a true pro looking to make it.

When you choose to invest in professional video production, it communicates your professionalism to your customers and your competition.  Going professional shows that you, as a brand, are professional too and that you are out for the “kill” as far as overtaking your competition and earning customers.  Plus, customers themselves also love a well-produced video because it shows them that they’re going with the right professionals, too.  In other words, your customers know you are serious, and you mean business.

Customers love to watch and share videos with their friend.

Since customers enjoy watching videos in the first place, they’re likely to watch your videos and then, if they like them, share those with their friends.  No matter how good your written content is or how funny your photos are, it’s always going to be the video content that they’ll share because they know their friends will love it too!   Let’s not forget the fact that the average person spends 84 minutes a day watching video online.  It is doubtful that the numbers will decrease soon.  

Search engines prioritize video content.

Corporate videos are also going to be a great purpose simply for SEO purposes!  Having corporate videos that are properly tagged and located on your landing pages, etc. is going to boost your search engine ranking and decrease your bounce rate. Since search engines are constantly looking for how to make the searcher’s experience better, they prioritise those who meet the keywords searched and have video content, because they know — you guessed it — that searchers prefer video content!  Social media, like Instagram, also prioritise video contents.  Your videos will get more reach than just a picture post.  Check out video content gets the most engagement on Instagram.

Videos are memorable.

When done properly and professionally, both video production and video editing make for a finished product that is going to be memorable and is bound to leave an impact on the viewer/customer.  Since your customer can’t come to you if they don’t remember you in the first place, this will obviously be a top priority!  

While it’s tempting to go with other marketing focuses, such as web content marketing and social media marketing — both of which are crucial — you also need to dedicate time and effort to video content marketing or video marketing as some prefer to call it. While there is still a place for those other two mentioned kinds of marketing, it’s expected that video content will continue to be the preferred method and media to connect with potential customers and get them to convert into sales and buying customers.  After all, there’s a reason why search engines prioritize video content.  Just do a quick search on Videos for search engine optimization, and you will be flooded with statements telling you the same. 

Make sure you give yourself the best edge on the competition by prioritizing professionally created video content that will dazzle your customers, increase your internet ranking, and outshine your competition fair and square.  You better hope they are not reading this article too!

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