4 Crucial Components for Production of

Interview Videos

Increase in demand amidst travel ban worldwide

Increase in demand for Interview Video Filming and Talking Heads Filming

What’s trending in the industry for most video production companies in Singapore is that there has been an increase in the demand for interview videos to be produced. For conferences, presentations, or even announcements by the head of companies. During COVID lockdowns, the same people will be using their laptops to record themselves, and this was ok and forgivable as there is nothing else that can be done. Corporate video production companies are not even allowed to visit any premises.

But now that video production companies are allowed to operate; clients do realise that getting the video filming done using laptops or videos produced on their own are not getting the response and attention it deserves as it lacks the right feel and delivery. Can you imagine an online conference for doctors having amateur content in their presentations? However, when a video production company like capital M productions undertakes the interview video filming, we pay extra attention to the video’s key components: The Look, The Sound, and The Feel.

The Look

The look of the video is definitely enhanced by the professional video cameras that are being used. Professional cameras can do what webcams and smartphones can’t capture. The look is further improved with the video lighting system that we utilise. A 3 point lighting technique for video filming of interviews will definitely provide a more professional broadcast standard or at times cinematic. 

As not everyone has a nice studio type space to be used as a setting, we tend to get creative by playing with various lights to create a more appealing ambience and surroundings. Moreover, capital M productions use only video lighting system with a colour rendering index (CRI) of 92 and above. To know more about CRI, click here.

The Sound

The sound quality itself is extremely crucial for any presentation. Viewers may be forgiving if it’s bad picture quality, but 95% will lose attention to whatever was delivered if the audio is inaudible. It will be easy to blame it on the bad audio quality if the viewer does not understand what has been said, and that’s the one thing you should avoid. Combining our professional high-grade wireless lapel system with a field mixer delivers a crisp professional audio quality imaginable. Also, our directors are an experienced bunch, and they will be on-site to advise on pace, delivery, and even intonation for the delivery of the content.

The Feel

The video’s feel is a combination of the above 2 plus, what we can’t do on-set is definitely something we can do in post-production. Colour grading is necessary for any video production. Our post-production team comprises creatives who can enhance both the video and the audio in the post-production suite. From getting the mood right depending on the theme or message delivery to getting the unexpected unwanted noises out of the audio recording.


For most production, B-rolls are necessary.  B-rolls are supporting footage that will go in-line with the topic of the person on camera.  Interlacing the B-rolls with the on-camera interview segment when it makes sense. This can be helpful as it breaks the monotony of the whole presentation.


So there you have it, the 4 key components for a professional interview video or as many in the video production industry will call it, Talking Heads video. Whether it’s Interview or Talking Heads, when it comes to video, stop trying too hard to look professional….let the professionals do it for you. Reach out to us in our Contact page for a chat.

Interview Video - Talking Heads
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